Recruitment Innovation Lab
The Art & Science of Recruitment


The Art & Science of Recruitment:
Why I love Recruitment: 

  I love the Science behind Recruitment: How you can use technology to make a process more efficient, supported by analysis and analytics. But on the other hand: 

  I love the Art behind Recruitment: it is a unique skill, performed by creative people who find this unfindable person that somehow magically fits your situation. 

Let's meet to discussdiscover and adopt new innovative ways of recruitment! 

Projectlead     Careersites 

  • Create the best flow to your vacancies
  • To fit the specific needs of your Target groups
  • Seamless ATS and analytics integration

ATS selection & implementation

  • Which ATS fits you? 
  • From briefing, to selection and configuration
  • Fully embedded into your technology, adopted by your users.

Recruitment    Knowledge:

  • Keynotes & Workshops
  • Coaching 
  • Consultancy
  • Want to learn how to fight Dragons? Give me a call now

Consultancy / Interim / Inspiration - performed by Patrick Boonstra